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GoRACK Colocation

Our enterprise grade data centers offer the best cooling, clean & redundant power, connectivity and support.

Reliable & Redundant
Data Centers

Our data centers are designed to outdo the standards of any business, government, organization, service provider or individual.

  • RFID Access Cards
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • Biometric Access Controls
  • N+1 & 2N Redundancy
  • ON-NET & Dark Fiber Providers
  • 1.2 MW Critical Power
  • Chilled Water CRAC
  • Pressurized Cold Aisle Containment
  • 24/7/365 Remote Hands
  • And more...
421 W. Church St.

Church Street

Located at the Jacksonville NAP(Network Access Point) our 421 West Church Street, facilities offers more than 30+ on-site carriers, network speeds up to 100 Gbps, a 2N redundancy environment, with full environmental controls. The facility is full of security features such as man-traps, a 24/7 on-duty staff, RFID Access Cards, and Biometric Access Controls to ensure physical security.

Let's get started, together.

Managing an on-premise data center is costly, labor-intensive and too often a misallocation of IT resources. That's why millions are getting out of data center management and moving to redundant, managed facilities.

The first step is a consultation with us. We have helped hundreds of businesses flourish through a stable IT department and by providing a creative, punctual and dedicated team of geeks & nerds alike. We build towards not just your current data center needs, but we build towards the future.

Preparation for your future begins TODAY.

Migration in
easy steps

Planning your move is as important as planning your transfer from self-hosting to a colocation DC. From the onboarding of our dedicated migration team, all the way to set up your server equipment, we got you covered. We are ready to take you in.

Step 1: Select your move.

Step 2: Equipment Installation.

Step 3: Quality control.

From the day you take the first step, to the day you move in, we have your back.

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